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Hi, I’m Gatien, and I help academics better manage their projects. Whether you’re a professor, researcher, or student, I can help you get organized to make your work more efficient and fulfilling.

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The 3 Invaluable Documents to Improve Your Research Assistant's Productivity

The 3 Invaluable Documents to Improve Your Research Assistant’s Productivity

You just hired a new research assistant to participate in your research project. They will help you with a literature review. They’re also probably motivated to use some of the results for school work or a thesis. Now, can you trust them to do the work?  Do they see it as a learning experience?  Are … Read more

Build your own project management tool

Build Your Own Project Management Tool

I’m passionate about my work as a health economist and researcher. I have the chance to get involved in forward-thinking discussions with skilled and passionate stakeholders to resolve economic issues related to infectious diseases, vaccines and access to care. This interaction gives meaning to our research, and it keeps me on the lookout to keep … Read more

The real value of lit reviews for students

How to ensure the value of literature reviews for students

Have you… taken part in a research project lately? or read a peer-reviewed article? You certainly came across a literature review, from basic background searches for writing an article to a systematic review or even a meta-analysis. Literature reviews are an essential exercise in research. They allow us to keep building on facts and evidence … Read more

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Research Assistant

When I was a student, I was always enthusiastic about assisting professors with their research as a Research Assistant – not just for the learning experience and the money, but also for the extra perks like potentially authoring journal articles and networking with others in my field. As someone doing the hiring nowadays, I’m excited … Read more

Guide to defining roles in RASCI matrix

An Academic’s Guide to Defining Roles with RASCI

In project management, it’s key that every team member working on the project has clearly defined roles. RASCI (or RACI) is a responsibility assignment matrix, i.e. a table that combines the roles for a task and the people involved in the project. RASCI defines who does what, when, where and with whom. Beyond keeping people … Read more

project management tool collaboration

How to Collaborate with Your Team Using an Excel-based Project Management Tool

When you’re working within a research team, you want everyone involved to have access to the project management tool. Whether they will be simply viewing the progress as recorded within the tool or making edits themselves, it’s important that everyone is on the same page. Here are the best practices for naming, protecting, and sharing your Excel-based … Read more

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