Simplify your work

Modus Operandi makes the most of Excel’s functions while keeping manipulations to the bare minimum. 

So you can manage any project simply and effectively.



Comprehensive Task Manager

You and your team can easily check up on ongoing tasks and upcoming tasks and update their progress.


Customize the tool to your project needs

Specify who you will work with, the main phases of your project, deliverables, and more. If you want to add even more details, it’s Excel: just add a column.


cloud icon

Collaborate without compromising privacy

Collaboration is easy when you share the tool on the cloud (Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, iCloud…), on a shared network, or by email. But you can restrict team member access to progress reports and prevent unintended edits to the master plan.

Want additional protection?  You can further lock the spreadsheet with a password.


Automated report-ready images

Share your progress with stakeholders using report-ready charts you generate with the click of a button.


Detailed help section

From setup to debugging, the Read Me tab has all the help that you’ll need right there, in the tool.

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