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Modus Operandi is an Excel-based project management tool with the needs of academics – professors and students – in mind.


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If you work in academia, you may be managing projects even if you're not a Project Manager. Make your life easier with this project management tool crafted especially for students, professors, and researchers.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

It’s easy to learn – the tool is built in Excel, so if you can use that, you can use this

You can create schedules and keep people accountable

Get recognized for your performance with data that shows productivity

Gantt chart

The tool produces stunning charts and graphs for reports with a click of a button

What users are saying

“I love using this tool. Since I adopted it as my standard project management tool, I finally feel like I’m on top of my tasks. Modus Operandi has helped me work better with others, especially students. I can keep track of the different assignments and tasks that I assign to different students and all of us can see the progress together and discuss it in a more efficient way. I highly recommend it as a very user-friendly, simple tool to start managing your projects.”

Jorge Martin del Campo
Health Economist at the International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC)

Jorge testimonial for project management tool

Cloud-based project management systems will cost you $10+ per month
(which adds up to hundreds of dollars a year)
and they keep you highly dependent on their software.

Then you have to pay to add another team member
or upgrade for access to premium features.

 You could also put in the time and effort to build your own project management tool.

Or you could do nothing.

Struggle to accomplish anything at work within a poorly organized system.


You can get Modus Operandi for a single one-time payment of CAD $25.

Get organized so you can get back to the important stuff.



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