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The real value of lit reviews for students

How to ensure the value of literature reviews for students

Have you…

  • taken part in a research project lately?
  • or read a peer-reviewed article?

You certainly came across a literature review, from basic background searches for writing an article to a systematic review or even a meta-analysis. Literature reviews are an essential exercise in research. They allow us to keep building on facts and evidence that preceded us. We get to know the current state of knowledge and what has been done or tried in pursuit of science.

Though, as important as they are, literature reviews are cumbersome to execute. And in my experience, the burden mostly falls on students and research assistants. Read more

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Research Assistant

When I was a student, I was always enthusiastic about assisting professors with their research as a Research Assistant – not just for the learning experience and the money, but also for the extra perks like potentially authoring journal articles and networking with others in my field.

As someone doing the hiring nowadays, I’m excited by the prospect of bringing a student into a new project because I know they will dedicate themselves to the work and help us get things done.

But the balance of this mutually beneficial relationship – between prof and student – is delicate Read more